Cam Greenwood


Inspiring a global tribe through the power of social media

Mooroolbark, on the outskirts of Melbourne, may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of surf brands, but it is here that 24 year old Cam Greenwood turned his backyard dream of making surfboards into a thriving online surf wear business.

“My friends thought I was crazy to pursue this dream but using social media we’ve been able to build a business and share our adventure around the world,” said Cam.

Cam began crafting surfboards in 2012 before moving into apparel after a life changing trip to Kenya. In October 2013, the Monsta Surf website went live and the orders flooded in.

The brand continued to expand with a steady annual growth rate of around 60% over their first four years and now has customers in over 40 countries around the world.

The power of social media and the online presence of Monsta Surf have been instrumental, with Cam’s primary market of millennials quick to connect through Facebook and Instagram.“What Cam has built and his vision for the future is inspiring. It’s been exciting being part of the journey.”

Damian Brander

“The tribe we’ve created has become much greater than ourselves, with people taking ownership of our mission to encourage passionate living and spread it in their own communities.”

“People tell me they’ve seen our brand in the most random places like a tiny town in South America or Iceland. It’s crazy. I’ve put my heart out to the world on social media, sharing what we’re doing and where we want to go and it’s really helped people become part of the adventure,” he said.

“Being driven and run by a group of millennials, we understand our consumers and we love the challenge of disrupting established brands and markets. Using digital channels and creating a great online store means we can reach a global audience without the need for costly infrastructure.”

Cam Greenwood and his company Monsta Surf are leveraging the power of social media to share their adventures.

Along with starting the business, Cam has also created the Monsta Foundation as a way of contributing to communities locally and overseas. This includes development projects at Huruma in Kenya, water filtration and education projects in South East Asia and disaster relief work. They also take groups on ‘Awareness Adventures’ to the project they support in Kenya.

Cam’s relationship with Bank of Melbourne began in late 2014, when he met Regional General Manager for SME Banking, Damian Brander at a business lunch. The two connected immediately and have been working together since.

“What Cam has built and his vision for the future is inspiring. It’s been exciting being part of the journey,” said Damian.

The Bank of Melbourne has been the company’s banking and finance partner since the early days, helping them expand with business loans and providing point of sale products at their popular pop up shops.

“Working with Damian and the team has been a massive boost for our business. They’ve supported me with events and connections that have given me experience and wisdom beyond my years,” said Cam.

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Westpac has always had a focus on connecting with customers but in the early 1880s, the employees who grasped the opportunity to be among the first commercial users of the telephone were not initially praised for their initiative. The Bank’s general manager at the time demanded to know who had agreed to the telephone’s installation, writing ‘Who authorised the telephone in connection with our business?’ Of course the telephone caught on once it was shown to be efficient and to improve service.



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